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Here are the answers to some of the most common questions we receive:

A:  Yes. Our offers are designed to be a win-win scenario for both parties. We are real estate investors, so we do not pay retail prices. However, we do extend you a fast all-cash payment, take care of all closing costs, we pay for other costs related to the transaction, like owed property taxes, association fees, tile clean ups, probate process legal fees (if needed), etc. Besides, we save you money on expenses like commissions and fees. What we offer is a service for specific situations and clients, and we price our offers accordingly.

A:  Our offer process is very clear and transparent. As a matter of fact, is the same process used by the real estate industry in general, to valuate any type of real estate (with the exception of commercial property) We look at what other similar lots have sold for, in the close proximity, in the previous year, and what the market conditions suggest they will sell for in the future. We take out some of the “junk” in these prices (what was paid in commission and fees on these comparable properties) to get a fair price on which we base our cash offer. Also, we analyze the market activity in the vicinity, and calculate our expenses, like closing costs, legal fees, future holding costs, and the amount of marketing dollars, and time we’ll need to put into the property for eventual resale to a developer, or an end buyer (among other items). Finally we carve in our small desired profit margin to sustain our business. We believe we deserve to earn a fair profit for this service, for as long as you feel you can walk away knowing that you reached your goal!

A: No, what we offer you is what you will see in your bank account on closing day.

A: None at all. When you receive our written offer, there are three things you can do: accept it, and sign the agreement for a quick closing and payout, counter offer, or reject it altogether. Whatever option you select, there are no tie ups, no hidden contracts, no small weasel print. Just let us know what you want to do, and that’s it. Seriously, just that.  

A: We buy land in all kinds of areas and conditions, but yes, there are currently a couple types of land we typically don’t buy:

  • Landlocked properties with no road access.
  • Wet lands or properties in a flood zone.

However, there are exceptions to the above rules. For example, we’ll consider landlocked properties that have easements, or legally documented access through an adjoining parcel, or wetlands properties located in special areas we can consider assets . We recommend reaching out to us even if your property is in a flood zone, or completely land locked.

If you have additional questions that aren’t listed here, you can send us Call Now! 6018996508

A: Real estate agents list properties using a terrible strategy. They over-inflate the asking price, with the hope that someone will buy it, and they can make a larger commission. To start, you will have to sign an exclusive contract, binding you to them for a certain amount of time. This means, you will owe them the commission agreed upon, even if you find the buyer yourself!

Remember, the land market is usually slower than residential family homes, or even commercial real estate, when using a realtor to sell the traditional way. A sale can often take many months. Out of pocket costs and overall opportunity costs incurred during this time can add up quickly, because property taxes, lack of liquidity for other uses and other expenses don’t stop while you wait.

We are direct vacant land buyers. As real estate investors, we have the ability to make no risk to you, no obligation, all-cash offers and close very fast. If at some point, any complications with the property arise, we have specialists, like title companies, attorneys, surveyors, etc, that we can use to quickly address the issue, while getting you a fair cash offer and closing in a reasonable amount of time, in a convenient fashion.

Before binding yourself to a realtor, consider a cash offer from American Dream Real Estate Solutions, that can be in your bank account in as little as ten days. At the end of the day, there’s zero obligation, and you have nothing to lose.

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