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At the end of the day, what we want most is to make sure our customers are happy and that they are confident they made the right decision when selling their land! We want to provide a solution that will work for you!

"American Dream Real Estate Solutions is extremely professional. They answered all my questions and it was truly a nice and smooth process. The paperwork was prepared right away and my payment was received in less than two weeks"

Samuel Harrington


"I have had a lot of interested people ask about the property over the years and I have always responded with a counter offer that I considered fair, for what I paid for the property. To my surprise American Dream Real Estate Solutions was the only one that accepted my counteroffer. They asked me just a few questions about the parcel, and I had my check in the mail within ten days. You can trust Peter at American Dream Real Estate Solutions to do what he says they will do."

Donald Melendez


“My name is Ted Reynolds, and I sold my inherited land parcel to American Dream Real Estate Solutions. They contacted me over a year ago, and were very attentive and respectful. At that moment I still needed some time to make my decision, and out of all the other people that I spoke to, they were the only ones that called me every few weeks to care for my health. They deserved the business.”

Theodore Reynolds


“I received a letter from American Dream Real Estate Solutions, about a piece of land that I stopped paying taxes on a couple of years ago. Turns out there were title issues as well, and the neighbors had dumped used tires in the property. They bought it from me without much haggle, and I was able to get rid of the headache. Thank you!”

Gina M. Richards

North Carolina

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