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We’ve been in your shoes, and know the feeling of frustration when trying to sell a piece of land you don’t want. That’s why we’ve created a simple process, to sell land in just 3 simple steps, and get you from square one to cash in your hand as fast as possible!

1- We ask you some needed details about the parcel.

2- We will review the facts you shared with us, and determine your cash offer. Within 72 hours, we will extend you that no-obligations offer, in writing.

3- We close super fast, and send you a check in just a few days.

The entire process takes around 30 days, but we can do it in 10 days or less if needed! However, if for any reason you need more time to close, in order to remove vehicles, items, or valuables from the property, we can close on your time frame!

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