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Does any of this sound familiar?

Do you own off the grid land in the middle of nowhere that you can’t sell?

You are holding on to a piece of land, with no concrete plans for development?

Tired of paying taxes year after year or do you have a lot of owed taxes on land you have no use for?

Have you tried working with a realtor, just to have your property sit on the market for months at a time?

Have you inherited a piece of property you aren’t interested in keeping?

Do you want a simple and fast process, without expensive fees and commissions?

Many landowners are holding on to vacant land for no good reason. They’re throwing money away every year paying taxes, HOA fees, and maintenance costs on a piece of dirt that isn’t doing anything for them.

We’re here to help you! At American Dream Real Estate Solutions we help land owners, who need to get rid of their unused vacant land in a fast, efficient and convenient way, using a hassle free and private transaction, avoiding long, cumbersome, and many times disappointing listing services.

We can work with most land situations, like deed problems, unusual shapes, wet lands, no access etc. We can close in your specific time frame, ranging from 30 days to as fast as 10 days, depending on some factors.

Our company has a very efficient and repeatable process, so we can buy land in every state of the United States.

As part of our standard offers, we pay for all the closing costs associated to the transaction, and the back taxes owed on the property, saving you thousands on the process. If you add up these savings to the fact that you will not pay the fees, commissions and miscellaneous charges to a real estate agent or broker, and that you will experience tremendous convenience, speed, and transaction privacy from us, you will realize that the net you will receive easily justify the small discount we carve into the deal for our services.

American Dream Real Estate Solutions Investments also buys inherited land, that owners might not be interested in keeping. This is a very specific area that most other investors don’t work on, because they either don’t understand correctly, or don’t have the legal connections to process. Contact us now for a no-obligation, all-cash offer on your property!

For this last situation we make it very simple. All you have to do is tell us a little about the land you’ve inherited/need to probate and want to sell, and we’ll make you an offer. As an added service in this cases, we will connect you with an excellent probate attorney we’ve used with previous land owners in your area. Like in our standard offers we will also pay for your closing costs.

The probate process usually takes time, so we can’t offer a fast closing on buying your inherited land. Depending on the state and county the land is located, and the circumstances of the party that needs probating, it can take 1-6 months. Nonetheless, we’ve helped many landowners through this process, and we’d love to help you too!

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